Portfolio: Wood Carvings

Kweti Mask

  • Red Cedar, Horse hair, Acrylic Paint, Sinew

Kweti is a trickster in many Makah legends.  This mask tells a story about when Kweti is tricked by Raven.  One day Kweti took Raven fishing because Raven was known to be a great fisherman.  When they got out to the fishing grounds Kweti asked Raven to show him how to catch a salmon.  Raven found an old cedar plank laying in the bottom of the canoe.  He picked it up and pushed it straight into the water.  He quickly let go of the plank and it jumped out of the water and back into the canoe pulling about ten salmon with it.  Kweti was excited to see the salmon flopping around in the canoe and immediately wanted to try.  Kweti grabbed the plank and also pushed it straight into the water just like Raven did.  When he let go of the plank it jumped straight out of the water and hit Kweti in the mouth and knocked out his two front teeth.  There are always life lessons in our legends and this one shows that you should never try to keep up with your neighbors.  


Sealing Canoe Model

  • Red Cedar
  • Yellow Cedar
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sinew